The Australian Shepherd

Aussie-World - Australian ShepherdsThe Australian Shepherd is a well balanced dog of medium size (preferred height for males: 51 - 58 cm and 46 - 54 cm for females), sightly longer than tall. He is attentive and animated showing strength and stamina, combined with unusual agility. The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent working dog of strong herding and guarding instincts.
His colouring offers variety and individuality. The recognized colors are blue merle, red merle, solid black and solid red. All varieties may be with or without white and/or copper trim. He has a coat of moderate length and corseness.
His gait is smooth, free and easy, showing agility and efficiency of movement in a balanced ground-covering stride. He is versatile and easily trained, performing his assigned tasks with great style and enthusiasm. He is reserved with strangers but does not exibit shyness. He makes an exceptional companion. The color of eyes is brown, blue, amber or any variation or combination, including flecks and marbling. You will find lots of photos in our gallery.

Originally, the Aussies (shortcut for Australian Shepherd) were bred in the USA as herding dogs. They show great herding abilities and even nowadays they are used for working sheep and even cattle in the United States. The Australian Shepherds have a strong desire to please their owners and to be with them all the time, their loyalty and devotion is really remarkable.

Aussie-World - Australian ShepherdBreeders very early aimed for as less hunting drive as possible. Therefore the Aussie is a very pleasant companion for walks or hikes - usually he stays with his "pack" without any effort.
It's only during the last years that the Aussie made his way to Europe. It started with friends of Western Horse Riding, who got to know this breed in the United States. Because of his nature, he is the ideal companion for horse riding.
Just a few years ago, the European FCI recognized the Australian Shepherd as "Breed in Observation".
Since the Australian Shepherd is an highly active breed, he is only lucky when he is busy. He needs some "work" to do. He gets easily bored and a life as couch potatoe is not the right thing for an Aussie. The Aussie is getting popular with people doing sports and other activities with their dogs. It was very important for former breeders to "develop" the versatile Aussie. They focused on herding, but as ranch-dogs, they had to be very versatile. Now, this is a very promising feature for people looking for a companion for dog-sports and other activities.